Cellnetrix is an independent software house established in 2007 and focused on development of innovative embedded technologies for security-sensitive Machine to Machine and Internet of Things applications enhancing mobile security, confidentiality and trust.

Bringing remotely provisioned embedded SIM from hype to reality, we will showcase our first embedded UICC prototype for consumer devices as well as provisioning and subscription management platform. Embedded UICC is a remotely reprogrammable USIM card enabling secure provisioning of the profile and activation of network subscriptions directly in the mobile device without a conventional plastic SIM card. Being specified by GSMA, this technology will oust today’s SIMs from mobile devices in the coming years.

Embedded UICC software is also available as middle-ware for Android and Embedded Linux operating systems replacing traditional SIM slot.

            If interested, visit our demo room 2D13MR at Hall 2. Please, e-mail me directly to have a meeting.